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Encouraging Generosity Within the Building Industry

  • Build or Renovate

Thinking of Building?

Building the "out of the ordinary" seems to be what we enjoy doing. Whether that is building on the side of a cliff, or wanting to achieve the impossible renovation; this is what we enjoy. Nuts, but true.

We offer simple cost plus contracts for any new build or renovation works. You will receive an estimated costs of work (fixed price) but our contracts are based on a transparent cost plus system where you receive regular financial reports as we progress through the construction phase. This way you know you are not paying excessive builders margins on a fixed price contract and we can work with you to make sure every detail of your build is as you want it to be. Or if fixed price contracts are what you would prefer, fixed it is.

Here is where we are a little different though. We build for clients but we also build homes for charity through Charity Build Group at no charge. We want to encourage generosity but we want to live it also. Our ability to work on client based homes then allows us financially to be able to give our time on charitable homes. It's a win, win.

We enjoy building and generosity is our heart.